I am a foodie, not a glutton. I love food so much that I connect with it on a different level

Food means different things to different people. If you ask me and depending on what I’m eating, food could mean a means of survival to me or a healthy process and in some cases, a connection to people.

When shared with friends and family, it becomes a means to establish and maintain interpersonal relationships with the people I’m dining with.

I am not so much of a “favorite food” type of person, but I have what I look forward to when considering a kind of meal.

As a foodie, I love to try new recipes and combination, and every time I try the Steak at 1415 Steakhouse and Seafood, I have my jaws gawking and craving more.

Are you surprised? Well, as much as I love to try out a lot of things, I never take the chance to try out unhealthy eating, and if you ask me, well that’s one reason I’ll vouch for properly made steak over and over again

Steak does not have a high amount of Carbs and is generally low on sugar, allowing me to eat just the right amount of food without a lot of calories.

Talk about healthy eating, most Steaks are made with beneficial health ingredients; there is chili which promotes digestion, garlic which fights toxins, all used to season, spice, marinate and tenderize the beef before grilling.

Steak is a great meal to take when keeping away from Carbohydrates. The great thing is that it keeps you healthy enough to avoid getting too lean and becoming unhealthy.


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