Chinese cuisine

Red Chinese Restaurant- Chinese cuisine

Chinese cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines in Africa. It may not be fine dining, but it is a great way to eat out. A different taste and spices from traditional African food, it makes for a good time either for eating at home as take-out for for dining in a Restaurant. Chinese may not be considered as  fine dining, but eating Chinese at RED Chinese Restaurant gives you all the experience you would expect from a fine dining restaurant while serving your favourite Chinese meals.

Although we may consider Chinese to be regular, once done right and served in the right environment, Chinese meals can create a blend of exotic and really exciting tastes. The goal of RED Chinese Restaurant is to give a unique dining experience everytime.

Lagos is a busy city. It is the commercial centre of West Africa and is responsible for over 60% of all the commerce that happens in West Africa.  This is where the RED Chinese Restaurant makes the real difference.

Very many productive business conversations happen over a meal and a cold glass of wine, overlooking the future of Lagos’s mega city-“ Eko Atlantic City” and its amazing scenery is the icing on the cake.

Our business lunch is a combination of great tasting Chinese, excellent service culture, with an unbeatable value for money @ N15,000 for two (2) and a view that makes the whole experience worth a lot more. Business Lunch- Monday- Friday…12 noon – 5 pm.


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