Aerial view of Shanghai China

Aerial view of Shanghai China

Did you know that Shanghai is the World second most populous city?

Shanghai is one of the four municipalities in China and that it is the largest city in China? A land of wealth and extravagance. Shanghai is to China what Lagos is to Nigeria. Class and taste are an essential part of Chinese culture. These same values are important to Lagosians.

Understanding that a  busy schedule is enough reason to make one distant from family and friends, Eko Hotels and Suites brings you Shanghai buffet right here in Lagos with style, giving you a chance to make it up to your family.

interior view of RED RESTAURANT-com

interior view of RED RESTAURANT

Be sure to walk into the RED RESTAURANT with friends and family, mastering  Mandarin. Say your 你好。and your 幸會 when you get your seat and begin your orders…lol… Just kidding. (Quick tip…  sit close to the windows to enjoy the exterior views and if you don’t get a seat at the windows, the interior view will amaze even your appetite. ).

So, 再喂! … I mean, Goodbye!

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